Vintage TV music clips

from the 50's 60's & 70's

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Original clips , any clips with a 'z' at end of title are upgrades from previous lists, Titles listed more than once are different performances.

Wah! - The story of the blues (1983)
Walker Brothers (John Walker) - By the time I get to Pheonix
Walker brothers (Scott) - Jackie
Walker brothers (Scott) - Mathilde
Walker Brothers - (Baby) You Don't Have To Tell Me (1966 totp2)
Walker Brothers - Cottonfields yt
Walker Brothers - Do Wah Diddy (Shindig sept30 1964) bw
Walker Brothers - Everythings gonna be alright
walker brothers - he will break your heart
Walker Brothers - John Walker - I'll be yours Tonight
Walker Brothers - Land Of Thousand Dances '69
Walker Brothers - Love Minus Zero zy
Walker brothers - Make it easy on yourself zzz
Walker Brothers - My ship is coming in (french tv 1966)
Walker Brothers - No Regrets ( Hits a go go )
Walker Brothers - No regrets (supersonic) zzz
Walker Brothers - No Regrets zz
Walker Brothers - Slow Down (Shindig sept30 1964) bw
Walker Brothers - Tell Me yz
Walker Brothers - The sun ain't gonna shine anymore (promo)#2
Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore Beat Club)
Walker Brothers - The Sun ain't Gonna Shine(Ready Steady Go)
Wallace Collection - Daydream z
Wally Tax & The Outsiders - Thinking about the day
Walter Eagan - Magnet & Steel zzz
Walter Murphy - Fifth of Beethoven z
Wanda Jackson - Alone With You (Town Hall Party 1958)
Wanda Jackson - Hard headed Woman (On Town Hall Party - 1958)
Wanda Jackson - Lets have a party yt
Wanda Jackson - Mean Mean Man (1958)(1)
Wanda Jackson - One Day at the Time
Wanda Jackson - Queen For Today (Town Hall Party 1958)
Wanda Jackson - Sparklin brown eyes yt
Wanda Rouzan - Soldier Boy yt
WAR - Cisco KId (1971)
WARHORSE - Ritual (1971)
Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London yt
Washington DC's - 32nd Floor yt
Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders - Groovy Kind Of Love (Beat Club)
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - Game of love (nme)
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders - Game Of Love yt
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - Groovy kind of love zzz
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - It's just a little bit too late (nme)
Wayne Fontana - Never an everyday thing (Dave Dee show 1968) zzz
Wayne Gibson & the Dynamic sound - I like it zzz
Wayne Newton - Daddy Dont You Walk So fast( yt
Wayne Newton - Falling in Love with Love yt
Wayne Newton - Only you (ab 1964
We Five - Not tomorrow z
We Five - Small world zzz
We Five - You Let A Love Burn Out-('66)
We Five - You Were On My Mind (Shindig 1965) (MPG)
We five - You were on my mind (col)
We Five - You were on my mind (hollywood palace) z
Weather Girls - Its raining men zzz
Weavers - Around the world yt
Weavers - Goodnight Irene yt
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Weezer - Island In The Sun (Version 2)
Wenke Myhre - Ein Hoch Der Liebe (Germany, 1968)
Wham - Last Christmas (1984)'JB59
Whistling Jack Smith - I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman
White Plains - Beachcomber (Heat Of The 70's)
White Plains - My baby loves loving (totp 1970) zzz
White_Plains - When you are a king
Who - 5-15
Who - 5.15 (totp) z
Who - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Who - Barbara Ann & My Generation Live on French TV 1966 (Music Hall De France
Who - Behind Blue Eyes 1975 yt
Who - Can't explain (1964 french tv)
Who - Daddy Rolling Stone (Shindig)
Who - Daddy rolling stone
WHO - Happy Jack (1966)
WHO - I Can See For Miles yt
Who - I Can See For Miles Twice (Live A Fortnight Show 1967)
Who - I can't explain
WHO - I'm A Boy
Who - I'm Free
Who - It's not true (popside)
Who - It's Not True (Swedish TV, 1966 a
Who - Join Together
Who - Magic Bus
Who - Man with the money (french TV)
Who - My Generation ( Shindig)
Who - My Generation (1967 Marquee Club, Good!)
Who - My Generation (Live All My Loving 1968)
Who - My Generation (smoothers brothers)
Who - Out In The Street yt
Who - Overture_Pinball Wizzard (from Tommy)
Who - Pictures of Lily
Who - Pinball Wizard (concert) z
Who - Pinball Wizard (Tom Jones show)
Who - Relay (ogwt)
Who - Sally Simpson
Who - See me feel me zzz
Who - See Me, Feel Me
Who - So Sad About Us
Who - Squeeze Box
Who - Substitute (french TV)
Who - Substitute (Live 1974)
Who - Substitute (Swedish TV, 1966 A
Who - The Seeker (bw) zzz
Who - Tommy's holiday camp
Who - We're not going to take it (live )z
Who - You Better You Bet
Who -Dancing in the street (french TV)
Who -Live in New York
Wigan's Ovation - Sking In The Snow (totp 3 20 1975) zzz
Wilbert Harrison - Kansas city(1)
Wilbert Harrison - Stagger lee yt
Wilburn Brothers - Cry Baby Cry
Wild Cherry - Funky Music (totp oct 1976) zzz
William Shatner - Taxi yt
WILLIE DIXON - Weak Brain and Narrow Mind (1964)
Willie Nelson & Jon Bon Jovi - Always On My Mind
Willie Nelson & Julio Iglesias - To All The Girls I love Before
Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind
Willie Nelson - on the road again - Hee Haw - Clip
Wilson Picket - The Midnight Hour
WILSON PICKETT - In The Midnight Hour (1971)
WILSON PICKETT - Land of a Thousand Dances (1971)
Windows - Alright, okay, I love you 1973
Windows - Look At Me (hits a go go 1972)
Windows - Okay I love you z
Windsor Davis & Don Estelle - Whispering Grass (totp 1975) zzz
Wings - Mull of Kintyre (totp 1978) zzz
Winifred Atwell - The poor people of Paris z
Wink Martindale - All Love Broke Loose (1958 Let's Rock) bw
Wink Martindale - Deck of Cards (1959)
Wink Martindale - Deck of cards zzz
Winter Wonderland 1948 - unidentified (similar to Dinning Sisters) bw
WISHBONE ASH - Jailbait (OGWT, 1971)
WISHBONE ASH - The King will come (1972)
Wizard - Are you ready to rock (totp 1975) zz
Wizard - Rock and Roll Winter (totp 1974) zzz
Wizard - See my baby jive (totp 1973) zzz
Wizzad - Angel fingers zzz
Wizzad - See my baby jive zzz
Wizzard - Are you ready to rock (dutch tv)
Wizzard - Ball Park Incident (1972)
Wizzard - I look in the eyes of a fool z
Wizzard - I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day (totp 12 20 1973) zzz
Wizzard - Rattlesnake Roll (Supersonic)
Wizzard - Roy Wood - ELO - 10538 Overture 1972
Wizzard - See My Baby Jive
Wombles & Roy Wood - I Wish It Could Be A Wombling Merry Christmas Everyday (Ripped by DJCiderdrinker)
Wombles - Melody (from 1974 eurovision song contest)
Wombles - Minuetto Alegretto (totp 1975) zzz
Wombles - Remember your a womble (totp 1974) zzz
Wombles - The Womble Square Dance ( Hits A Go Go SVCD )
Wombles - Wombling Merry Christmas (promo)
Wombles - Wombling Merry Christmas (totp 1975) zz
Wombles - Wombling Merry Christmas
Wombles - Wombling song (rare totps)
Wombles - Wombling Song (totp) z
Wombles – Super Womble (totp 24 july 1975) zzz
World of Oz - Muffin Man
Wurzals - Combine harvester (totp 1976) zz
Wurzals - I am a cider drinker (totp 23rd sept 1976) zzz
Wurzals - I am a cider drinker (totp 9 9 1976) zzz
Wurzels - Brand New Combine Harvester (totp, 13th May '76)
Wurzels - I've Got A Brand (totp may 13 1976) zzz
X-Ray Spex - The Day the World Turned Day-Glo (TOTP)
XTC (- Making Plans For Nigel (Rockpalast)
XTC - Generals & Majors (totp 1980) zzz
XTC - Making Plans For Nigel
XTC - Senses Working Overtime
XTC - St Rock
YARDBIRDS (with Eric Clapton) - Got to hurry (1964)
YARDBIRDS (with Eric Clapton) - I wish you would (1964)
YARDBIRDS (with Eric Clapton) - I'm a man (1964)
YARDBIRDS (with Jeff Beck ) - For your love (1965)
YARDBIRDS (with Jeff Beck ) - I'm a man (1965)
YARDBIRDS (with Jeff Beck) - Train Kept a Rollin' (1966)
Yardbirds - For Your Love (1965)
Yardbirds - For Your Love (Shindig 1965)
Yardbirds - Goodnight sweet Josephine
Yardbirds - Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Live `67 w Jimmy Page)
Yardbirds - Heart Full Of Soul (Smothers Brothers Show)
Yardbirds - Heart full of soul (upbeat)
Yardbirds - I wish you would
Yardbirds - I'm A Man (Live Hullabaloo 1965)
Yardbirds - I'm Confused
Yardbirds - Keep a Rollin'
Yardbirds - Louise z
Yardbirds - Louise
Yardbirds - Lousie.
Yardbirds - Over Under Sideways Down (Live `67 w Jimmy Page) - 1
Yardbirds - Shapes of Things - Over Under Sideways Down (French TV)
Yardbirds - Shapes Of Things french tv yt
Yardbirds - Still I'm Sad
Yardbirds - Stroll On (Blow Up)
Yardbirds - Train Kept Rollin' (N.M.E. Poll Winner's Concert 1966)
Yardbirds - You're a better man than I
Yazoo - Don't Go (Live The Tube 1983)
Yazoo - Nobody's Diary (Live @ TOTP '83)
Yazoo - Only you ( Rare Original Dutch TV 1981
Yazoo - Only You (Live Cheggers Plays Pop 1982)
Yellow Dog - One More Night (TOTP)
Yes - Hold On
Yes - Don't kill the whale
Yes - I've seen all good people
Yes - Into the Lens
Yes - It can happen
Yes - Leave it
Yes - Looking around zzz
Yes - Love will find a way
Yes - Madrigal
Yes - No Opportunity necessary, no experience needed zzz
Yes - Owner of a lonely heart
Yes - Rhythm of love
Yes - Survival zzz
Yes - Tempus Fugit
Yes - Time and a word mzzz
Yes - Wonderous stories
Yin & Yan - If (totp Promo, 10th April '75)
Yin and Yan - If (promo) (totp 10 apr 1975) zzz
You Gotta Have Ee Ooo
Young Rascals - medley yt
Young Rascals - Good Lovin' (Ed Sullivan Show 1966)
Young Rascals - Good Lovin' (Hullabaloo 1965)
Young Rascals - Groovin (ES) z
Young Rascals - How Can I Be Sure (Ed Sullivan Show)
Young Rascals - How can I be sure zy
Young Rascals - I ain't gonna eat my heart out anymore z
Young Rascals - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Hulllabaloo 1965)
Young Rascals - People Got To Be Free
Young Rascals - Slow Down (Hullabaloo 1966)
Young Rascals - True Love (Hullabaloo 1965)ok
Youngbloods - Get together Sunlight yt
Yvonne Elliman - To love somebody (with the bee gees)z
Yvonne Elliman - Can't Find My Way Home (soundstage) z
Yvonne Elliman - Here Comes The Sun (w. Richie Havens)) z
Yvonne Elliman - I Don'T Know How To Love Him (From Jesus Christ Superstar)
Yvonne Elliman - If I can't have you (midnight special) z
Yvonne Elliman - If I can't have you (totp)
Yvonne Elliman - If I Can't Have You
Yvonne Elliman - If I Cant Have You
Yvonne Elliman - Love Me
Yvonne Elliman - Steady as you go (oundstage) z
Yvonne Elliman -I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (totp 1977) z
Yvonne Elliman -Love me (Musikladen 1977) z
Yvonne Elliman -Love me (promo) z
Zager & Evans - In the year 2525 (music scene) zzz
Zager & Evans - In the year 2525 (Music Scene)
Zager and Evans - In the year 2525 (promo) zzz
Zephyrs - She Laughed yt
Zombies - Going to a go go yt
Zombies - Going to a gogo zzz
Zombies - She's coming home (outdoor promo)
Zombies - She's not there (outdoor promo)
Zombies - She's not there z
Zombies - Summertime yt
Zombies - Tell her no (outdoor promo)
Zombies - This old heart of mine going to a go go zzz
Zombies - Time Of The Season
ZZ Top - Double Back
ZZ Top - Gimme all your lovin
ZZ Top - Legs