Vintage TV music clips

from the 50's 60's & 70's

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Original clips , any clips with a 'z' at end of title are upgrades from previous lists, Titles listed more than once are different performances.

Kalin Twins - When (beach nut) z
Kandidate - I Don't Wanna Lose You (totp 12 april 1979) zzz
Kansas - Dust In The Wind (1976)
Karen Carpenter & John Denver - Coming Through The Rye
Karen Verros - Little Boy
Karina - En un Mundo Nuevo (Spain 1971 - Live at Eurovision)
Karl Denver - Forgive Me One More Time (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Karl Denver Trio - Wimoweh (Shindig oct7 1964) bw
Kate Bush & David Gilmour - Running Up That Hill (Live Secret Policemans Third Ball 1987)
Kate Bush - Army Dreamers
Kate Bush - Babooshka
Kate Bush - Breathing
Kate Bush - Breathing
Kate Bush - Christmas will be magic again
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting
Kate Bush - Experiment IV [1986] (4'42'')
Kate Bush - Hammer Horror
Kate Bush - Hounds Of Love
Kate Bush - Man With The Child In His Eyes
Kate Bush - Moments of pleasure z
kate bush - moving(1978 tokyo music fes)
Kate Bush - Red Dress Version of Wuthering Heights
Kate Bush - Rocket Man(1991)
Kate Bush - Running up that hill
Kate Bush - Sat in your lap
Kate Bush - The Dreaming
Kate Bush - There Goes a Tenner
Kate Bush - Wow (1st Version)
Kate Bush - Wuthering heights (totp 9th march 1978) zzz
Kate Bush - Wuthering heights
Kate Robbins - More than in love (totp 1976) yt
Kate Smith - White Christmas (1960
Kathy Kirby - Acapulco - 1_NEW
Kathy Kirby - Alcopoulco 22 (nme 1964) zzz
Kathy Kirby - Christmas clip (1964)
Kathy Kirby - Here I go again (wheeltappers 1975) zzz
Kathy Kirby - I belong (eurovision performance 1965) zzz
kathy kirby - On the Sunny Side Of The Street Can't Help Loving That Man Of Mine - YouTub
Kathy Kirby - Secret love zzz
Kathy Kirby - The Man I love (yt)
Kathy Kirby - You won't find another fool like me (wheeltappers 1975) zzz
Kathy Kirby - You're the one (nme 1964) zzz
Kathy Young - A Thousand Stars
Katja Ebstein - Diese Welt (eurovision 1971 Germany)
Katja Ebstein - Wunder gibt es immer weider 9Ger 1970)
Katty Line - Dis lui bien que je pense a lu yt
Kay Starr - Around The World yt
Kay Starr - Rock and Roll Waltz (1956)
Kay Starr - Wheel of Fortune
KC & SUNSHINE BAND - That’s the way (I Like It) (1975)
KC & Teri De Sario 1980 Yes I'm Ready
KC & The Sunshine Band - Give It Up
KC & The Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man (Original Promo)
KC & The Sunshine Band - Keep It Comin' Love.(70's)-Wushan
KC & The Sunshine Band - Please Don't Go
KC & The Sunshine Band - Queen of clubs
KC and the sunshine band - Shake shake shake your booty z
Keith Allison - It's All Over Now (Where The Action Is 293 aug15 1966) bw
Keith Emerson - Honky tonk train blues (totp 1976) zzz
Keith West - Excerpt From A Teenage Opera (1967, Beat Club)
Keith West - Excerpt from a Teenage Opera (col) z
Kelly Brothers - I'm Falling In Love Again yt
Kelly Marie - Feels like I'm in love (totp 1980) zzz
Ken Booth - Everything I own (totp 1974) zzz
Ken Dodd - A Lot More Happiness (Seaside Special 1975)
Ken Dodd - For The Children (totp)
Ken Dodd - Promises (Ken Dodd Show 1966)(1)
Kenny - Fancy pants (from the movie Side by side)
Kenny - Fancy Pants (totp 3 20 1975) zzz
Kenny - Fancy Pants (totp) includes top 30 countdown
Kenny - Hot Lips (supersonic) zzz
Kenny - Hot Lips pop 3-1976
Kenny - Julie Anne (Disco)
Kenny - Nice To Have You Home (Supersonic)
Kenny - The Bump (totp 1975) zz
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - I Wanna Be Like You (Morecambe & Wise Show)
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Morecambe & Wise Show)
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - Midnight In Moscow (Morecambe & Wise Show)
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - Sukiyaki (1963arthur haynes show)
Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen - That Old Dominion Line (Morecambe & Wise Show 1968)
Kenny ball - I want to be like you
Kenny G - Song Bird yt
Kenny Lynch - Crazy Crazy (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Kenny Lynch - Get out of my way yt
Kenny Lynch - I'll stay by you yt
Kenny Lynch - Monument (1963 Just For Fun) bw
KENNY ROGERS - Lady (1980)
Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands in the stream zzz
Kenny Rogers & First Edition - Ruby , Don't take your love to town (upbeat)
Kenny Rogers & First Edition - Tell it all brother (1970 Now explosion)
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Just dropped in ( Original Footage Smother Brothers 1968
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Living Without You yt
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition - Yes I love you
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition Something's Burning (totps 1970)
Kenny Rogers - Lucille (Disco 70S)
Kenny Rogers - Reuben James (barbara Mcnair show) zzz
Kenny Rogers - Ruby Don't take your love to town
Kenny Rogers - Ruby dont take your love to town (barbara Mcnair show) zzz
Kenny Rogers – Coward Of The County (totp 22 2 1980) zzz
Ketty Lester - Love Letters (shindig)
Ketty Lester - Warm Summer day (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Kevin Johnson - Rock and roll I gave you all the best years of my life yt
Kiki Dee - 24 Hours (1981 Showaddywaddyshow 1981)
Kiki Dee - Amoureuse (Musikladen 1974)
Kiki Dee - Amourse (totp 1973) zzz
Kiki Dee - Aspetta Domani - San Remo 1965.
Kiki Dee - Baby I Don't Care (1967
Kiki Dee - C'est bien mieux, baby (1965)
Kiki Dee - Do you know the way to San Jose (1971)
Kiki Dee - I got the music in me (rare totps)
Kiki Dee - I've Got The Music In Me - YouTub
Kiki Dee - Loving and free (totp 23rd sept 1976) zzz
Kiki Dee - Loving and free (totp 9 9 1976) zzz
Kiki Dee - Midnight Flier (Swapshop 1981)
Kiki Dee - Night hours (totps 28 4 1977)
Kiki Dee - Once A Fool (Supersonic)
Kiki Dee - Small town (1966) z
Kiki Dee - Star
Kiki Dee - Stay with me Baby 1979 - YouTub
Kiki Dee - Why Don't I Run Away From You (1966)
Kiki Dee - Why don't I run away from you (french TV)
Kiki Dee - You make me so very happy (benny hill show 1971) z
Kiki Dee Band - I've Got The Music In Me (MusikLaden)(BoZo)
Kim & Mel - Rocking around the christmas tree zzz
Kim Carnes - Betty Davis eyes (totp 14 5 1981) zzz
Kim Carnes-Bette Davis Eyes(dvd-2nafish)
Kim Roberts - Loving Me This Way (1963)
Kim Roberts - Loving Me This Way yt
Kim Weston - Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While) (Swingin' Time) 1965
Kim Weston - Take Me In Your Arms yt
Kim Wilde - Another Step (1987)
Kim Wilde - Cambodia (1981)
Kim Wilde - Chequered Love (1981)
Kim Wilde - Child Come Away (1982)
Kim Wilde - Four Letter Word (1988)
Kim Wilde - If I Can't Have You (1993)
Kim Wilde - Kids In America (1981)
Kim Wilde - Love Blonde (1983)
Kim Wilde - Love Is Holy (1992)
Kim Wilde - Never Trust A Stranger (1988)
Kim Wilde - Rage To Love (1985)
Kim Wilde - View From A Bridge (1982)
Kim Wilde - Water On Glass (1981)
Kim Wilde - You Came (1988)
Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hanging On (1986)
Kim Wilde With Nena - Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (2003)
Kincade - Dreams Are Ten A Penny (German TV March 1973)
Kinetic - Suddenly tomorrow (french tv)
Kingsman - Louie Louie (shindig) zzz
Kingsmen - If I Needed Someone yt
kingsmen - Louie Louie (wtai)
Kingsmen - Money yt
Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley (1958)
Kingston Trio - I'm Going Home (1965)
Kingston Trio - Shady Grove - Lonesome Traveller (Chevy show 1959) z
Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley (Smothers Brothers 1968)
Kingston Trio - Where have all the flowers gone yt
KINKS - A well respected man (1965)
KINKS - Celluloid Heroes (1979)
KINKS - Days (1968)
KINKS - Sunny afternoon (1966)
KINKS - You Really Got Me (1964)
Kinks - The Village Green Preservation Society
KINKS - Waterloo Sunset (1967)
Kinks (Dave Davis) - Death of a Clown z
Kinks - The - Till The End Of The Day (Beat Club)
Kinks - All Day And All Of The Night
Kinks - Ape Man
Kinks - Autumn Almanac (totp) z
Kinks - Come Dancing
Kinks - Days (pop goes the sixties ) z
Kinks - Days (Top Of The Pops 1969)
Kinks - Dead end Street
Kinks - Death of a clown
Kinks - Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Kinks Biography)
Kinks - Do It Again
Kinks - Don't forget to dance
Kinks - I gotta Move
Kinks - I'm A Lover,Not A Fighter
Kinks - It's allright ( Shindig )
KINKS - Lola (1970) z
Kinks - Lola
Kinks - Long tall Shorty
Kinks - Lost and found
Kinks - Milk cow blues (Shindig)
Kinks - Milk cow blues
Kinks - Mister Pleasant (Beat Club 1966)
Kinks - Mr Pleasant
Kinks - Plastic Man (Beat Club)
Kinks - See my friend (drop in)
Kinks - Set me Free
Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
Kinks - Suzannah's Still Alive [Beat Club 1968]
Kinks - Till The End Of The Day
Kinks - Tired of Waiting (nme)
Kinks - Tired of waiting (ready steady go) zzz
Kinks - Victoria (One For The Road)
Kinks - Victoria
Kinks - Waterloo Sunset z
Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
Kinks - Well respected man (live Beat Beat Beat)
Kinks - Well respected man - 1
Kinks - Well Respected Man z
Kinks - Wonderboy (totp) z
Kinks - You Really Got Me (Live The Beat Room 1964)
Kinks - You really got me (nme)
Kinks - You Really Got Me
Kirsty MacColl - A New England (1985) - 1
Kirsty MacColl - Days
Kirsty Maccoll - Fairytale of New York (& Progues)
Kirsty MacColl - Terry (Live Musikladen 1984)
Kirsty Maccoll - Terry
Kirsty MacColl - There's A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis 1981 totp2
Kirsty McCall - Walking down Madison
Kirsty McColl and Pogues - Miss Otis Regrets
Kitty Lester - Love letters (shindig) zzz
Kitty Wells - Amigo's Guitar yt
Knack - Good girls don't (1979) z
Knack - My Sharona (july 19 1979) zzz
Knickerbockers - Lies (hollywood a gogo) zzz
Koobas - Face (french TV)
Kool & The Gang - Celebration zzz
Kool & The Gang - Get Down on It zzz
Kool & the gang - Jungle boogie (soultrain) zzz
Korgis - If I had you (july 19 1979) zzz
Kraftwerk - Autobahn Dutch TV 1975
Kraftwerk - The Model ( Different Rare Promo 1979
Kraftwerk - The Model
Krassi - Marinella (Greece 1974 euro song)
KRIS KRISTOFFERSON - Me and Bobby McGee (1970)
Kris Kristofferson - Me and Bobby McGee ( Original 8mm film promo 1971
Kris Kristofferson - Josie ( Original film footage 1972
Kursaal Flyers - Little does she know (totp 9th December 1976) zzz
Kursaal Flyers-Little does she know (supersonic) zzz
Kylie Minogue - Wow [2008][SkidVid]_XviD
kyu sakamoto - sukiyaki yt
Kyu Sakamoto - Kimi ga Nanka yt
Kyu Sakamoto - Let's Kiss ('66)Z
Kyu Sakamoto - Miagetegoran yoru no hoshiwo
Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyata z
La Belle Epoque - Black is black zzz
La's - There She Goes
Labelle - Are you lonely
LaBelle - Lady Marmalade (soultrain) zzz
Labelle - Lady Marmalade (Voulez vous coucher avec moi)
Labelle - Voulez vous coucher avec moi
Labi Saffri - It must be love (hits a go go) z
Labi Saffri - It must be love (rare totps 18 11 71)
Labi Safri - Starride to nowhere (supersonic) zzz
Labi Siffre - Crying Laughing Loving (Sez Les) yt
Labi Siffre - It must be Love ( Orig. SVCD )
Labi Siffre - Something Inside So Strong
Labi Siffre = Watch me
Lally Stott - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (1971) - YouTube
Larks - Shadrack
Larry Verne - Custer
Lata - Aaja aayi bahar dil hai bekarar (1964)
Laura Branagan - Gloria z
Laura Branigan-Solitaire
Laura Brannigan - Hold me (ab 1987).mpg
Laura Brannigan - Self Control - Satisfaction (ab 1984)
Laura Brannigan - Shattered Glass (ab 1987).mpg
Laura Brannigan - Solitaire - Deep in the night (ab 1984).mpg
Laura Brannigan - The Lucky One (ab 1984).mpg
Laurel & Hardy - The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine (1937) (Colour) (HD) - YouTub(1)
Laurel & Hardy - Trail of the lonesome pine
Laurence Andrew - I'll Never Love Anyone Anymore (totp, UK)
Laurie Anderson - O Superman
Laurie Andrews - I'll never love anyone anymore (supersonic) zzz
Laurie London - He's got the whole world in his hands (1958)
LAVERN BAKER - Love Me Right In The Morning (1954)
Lavern Baker - The Game Of Love
Lawrence Welk Orchestra - Pensylvania Polka (Lw show feb18 1967) inst
Le'court's red jackets - Swinging on a star
Leapy Lee - Good Morning (1970)
Leapy Lee - Little Arrows
LED ZEPPELIN - Over the hills and far away (1973)
Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love (Live) (1) - 1_NEW
Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin - Rock'n Roll
Led Zepplin - Stairway To Heaven {Live}
Lee Dorsey - Workin' in a Coalmine (1966)
Lee Garret - Your my everything (totp 5 24 1976) zzz
Lee Hazelwood - Hey Cowboy
Lee Hazelwood - Leather_Lace
Lee Marvin - Wand'rin Star (ReMastered Audio) (1969) (HD) - YouTub(1)
Left Banke - Shadows Breaking Over My Head (From The Bitter End) - Live Vocals
Left Banke - Walk away Renee (where the action is bw)
Left Banke - Walk Away Renee
Legendaires - Good for nothing
Leif Garrett - Runaround Sue z
Leif Garrett - Surf' In USA 1977
Leif Garrett-I Was Made For Dancin'
LEMON PIPERS - Green Tambourine (1967)
Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine (upbeat)
Lemon Pipers - Jelly Jungle zzz
Lemon sisters - Something stupid yt
Len Barry - Like A Baby (Shivaree 1960's)
Len Barry 1-2-3 (1)
Lena Horne - Stormy Weather yt
Lena Martell - One day at a time (totp christmas special 1979) zzz
Lena Zavaroni - Jump Down Jimmy (totp, 29th May '80)
Lena Zavaroni - Smile (Seaside Special 1975)(1)
Lena Zavorini - Mama hes making eyes at me (rare totps)
Lene Lovich - Lucky Number (1979
Lene Lovich - Say When (whistle test 1979) zzz
Lennon Sisters - This Is My Song
Lennon Sisters- Where Are The Words yt
Lenny and The Squigtones - King of the car - Love is a terrible thing (ab 1979)
Lenny Kuhr - De Troubadour (eurovision 1969 Hol)
leo glasses
LEO SAYER - When I Need You (1977)
LEO SAYER - Let It Be (1976)
LEO SAYER - More Than I Can Say (1980)
Leo Sayer - Giving it all away (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - Goodnight Old Friend (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - Have You Ever Been In Love (Best Of Leo Sayer)(2)
Leo Sayer - How Much Love (Best Of Leo Sayer)
Leo Sayer - How much love (supersonic 1977) zzz
Leo Sayer - I Can't Stop Loving You (totp, 21st Sept '78)
Leo Sayer - Long Tall Glasses (1974) - 1_NEW
Leo Sayer - Long tall glasses (rare totps)
Leo Sayer - Moonlighting (Best Of Leo Sayer)(5)
Leo Sayer - Moonlighting (totp sept 1975) zzz
Leo Sayer - More than I can say (totp 25 12 1980) zzz
Leo Sayer - One Man Band (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - Raining In My Heart
Leo Sayer - Slow Motion (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - The Dancer (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - The Innocent Bystander (live 1974) z
Leo Sayer - The show must go on ( Original Footage Dutch TV 1974
Leo Sayer - There Isn't Anything (totp, 24th Nov '77)(2)
Leo Sayer - Thunder In My Heart (Best Of Leo Sayer
Leo Sayer - Till You Come Back To Me (Best Of Leo Sayer)(1)
Leo Sayer - When I Need You (Best Of Leo Sayer)
Leo Sayer - When I need you (countdown)z
Leo Sayer - when I need you (supersonic 1977)) zzz
Leo Sayer - When I need you (TOTP 17 FEB 1977) ZZZ
Leo Sayer - When I Need You
Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing (totp oct 1976) zzz
Leo Sayer - You make me feel like dancing (supersonic 1977)) zzz
LEON RUSSELL - A Song For You (1970)
LEONARD COHEN - Suzanne (1967)
LEONARD COHEN - Partisan (1970)
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne (Live at Wight '70)
Leonard Cohen-The Stranger Song( Julie Felix BBC2 Show)
Leroy Van Dyke - Auctioneer yt
Leroy Van Dyke - Walk on by (colour)
Les 5 Gentlemen - Cara-Lin
Les Barclays - 1 2 3 Je Taime_NEW
Les Barclays - Pour Ton Amour
Les Charlots - soiserotique
Les Chats Sauvages - Sherry
Les Gray - A Groovy Kind Of Love (totp, 17th Feb '77)
Les Gray - Groovy Kind Of Love (Supersonic)
Les Humphries Singers - Carnival (Disco 1973)
Les Humphries Singers - I'm From The South (Disco 1973)
Les Humphries Singers - Jesus Christ Superstar (hits a go go 1971)
Les Humphries Singers - Mama Loo
Les Humphries Singers - Mexico
Les Irresistibles - Why Try To Hide
Les Irre´sistibles - My Year Is a Day (6.1.68)
Les Paul & Mary Ford - I really dont want to know yt
Les Paul & Mary Ford - I'm Sitting on Top of the World (1958) - YouTub
Les Paul trio - Dark eyes yt
Les PlayBoys - Jacques Dutronc
Les Reed Orchestra - Man of Action zzz
Les Surfs - Ce Garcon
Lesle Gore - My Town, My Guy & Me (1965)
Lesle Gore - Young Love '66
Lesley Gore - A girl in love (swingin time) zzz
Lesley Gore - All of my life (shindig) zzz
Lesley Gore - California nights (Batman) zzz
Lesley Gore - Cry me a river (Mike Douglas show) zzz
Lesley Gore - Didn't we (Playboy after dark) zzz
Lesley Gore - Hello young lovers (Playboy after dark) zzz
Lesley Gore - Hey Now (TAMI show) zzz
Lesley Gore - I could have danced all night - Natural woman medley (Ed Sullivan) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - It's my party - Judy's turn to cry (TAMI show) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - Judy's turn to cry (shindig) zzz
Lesley Gore - My town,My guy and me (shindig) zzz
Lesley Gore - My town,My guy and me (Swingin' time) zzz
Lesley Gore - Off and running (Where the action is) zzz
Lesley Gore - Sorry I won't love you anymore (Shivaree)zzz
Lesley Gore - Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows (Malibu) zzz.mpg.mpg
Lesley Gore - Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows (Ski Party) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows (Swingin' time) zzz.mpg.mpg
Lesley Gore - Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows Mike Douglas show) zzz
Lesley Gore - We know we're in love (Donna Reed show) zzz
Lesley Gore - We know we're in love (hullabaloo) zzz
Lesley Gore - What kind of fool am I (Mike Douglas show) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - Wonderboy (scopitone) zzz
Lesley Gore - You didn't look round (TAMI show) zzz
Lesley Gore - Young love (hullabaloo) zzz
Lesley Gore - All of my life zzz
Lesley Gore - California Nights 1967
Lesley Gore - Cry me a river (mike douglas show) zzz
Lesley Gore - Hello young lovers (rare ed sullivan)
Lesley Gore - Hey Now ~ TAMI SHOW ~ (1964)
Lesley Gore - I don't wanna be a loser (Girls on the beach) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - It's gotta be you (Girls on the beach) zzz
Lesley Gore - It's My Party & She's A Fool (Ed Sullivan 60's)
Lesley Gore - It's my Party (Donna Reed show) zzz
Lesley Gore - It's my party (where the action is) zzz
Lesley Gore - It's my party - She's a fool medley (Ed Sullivan show) zzz
Lesley Gore - Judy's Turn To Cry (On Shindig - 1964) - 1
Lesley Gore - Leave me alone (Girls on the beach) zzz
Lesley Gore - Maybe I know (TAMI show) zzz
Lesley Gore - Medley (1977)
Lesley Gore - My time
Lesley Gore - My Town My Guy And Me
Lesley Gore - Off and Running (Where the Action Is aug8 1966) bw
Lesley Gore - She's a fool yt
Lesley Gore - Shindig melody
Lesley Gore - Sit down you're rocking the boat (Mike Douglas show) zzz.mpg
Lesley Gore - Sunshine and Lillipops
Lesley Gore - Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows (Hollywood A Go Go) bw
Lesley Gore - The look of love (rare ed sullivan)
Lesley Gore - Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Hullabaloo 1966) ++ @3 `p `65 ~g
Lesley Gore - You don't own me z
Lesley Gore -You don't own me (TAMI show).zzz
Leslie Duncan - Chain of love (1971)
Lesliey Gore - I Will Wait For You (Hullabaloo 1966)
Letterman - Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (1964
Lettermen - The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
Lettermen - medley - Love and Marriage Me and my GalGet me to the Church on time
Lettermen - If I had a Hamme
Lettermen - Put your Head on my Shoulder (Hollywood Palace
Lettermen - The girl next door (Red Skelton show
Lettermen - The Things we did last Summer
Lettermen - Walk On By
Lettermen - You'll Never Walk Alone
LEWIS LYMON & THE TEENCHORDS - Your Last Chance (1957)
Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords - Your Last Chance yt
Lieutenant Pigeon - Goodbye
Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy old dough
Lighthouse - Rollin on the river (A)z
Lightning Seeds - Pure
Liliane Saint Pierre - Chanson Sentimentale Pour Une Fille Sentimentale (1969
Liliane St Pierre - Waarom(1964)
Lill Lindfors - Words (in swedish) 1968
Limme & The Family Cookin' - A Walkin' Miracle (Top Of The Pops 1974)
Linda Carr & The Love Squad – Highwire (totp 24 july 1975) zzz
Linda Carr - Baby, Are You Puttin' Me On (1965
Linda Evans - He's My Fly Boy (1965 Beach Blanket Bingo)
Linda Evans - New Love_NEW
Linda Lewis - Baby I’m Yours (totp 8 4 1976) zzz
Linda Lewis - I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You
Linda Lewis - It's In His Kiss (Shang-a-lang) (SVCD)
Linda Lewis - It's in his kiss (supersonic 6th September 1975) zzz
Linda Lewis - Remember the days of the old school yard(duhanna)
Linda Lewis - Rock'n'roll Rollercoaster (supersonic 6th September 1975) zzz
Linda Lewis - Rock-o-doodle-doo (rare totps)
Linda Lewis - The Moon & I (totp 19th may 1977) zzz
Linda Perry & Roger Daltry - I'm Free - Live
Linda Rondstat - Break my mind (1969) zzz
LINDA RONSTADT - It's So Easy (1977)
Linda Ronstadt & Aron Neville - I Don't Know Much (Live TOTP
Linda Ronstadt & Dolly P'n & E'lou Harris - After The Goldrush
Linda Ronstadt & Glen Campbell - Carolina In My Mind CAM
Linda Ronstadt & Johnny Cash - I Will Never Mary (Live The Johnny Cash TV Show 1969)
Linda Ronstadt & Stone Poneys - Different Drum
Linda Ronstadt - Blue Bayou
Linda Ronstadt - Break my mind ( The Mike Douglas Show 1969)
Linda Ronstadt - Desperado
Linda Ronstadt - Glen Campbell - Carolina In My Mind - 1970 - 1_NEW
Linda Ronstadt - I Knew You When (70's)
Linda Ronstadt - Long, Long Time (1970) (OK)
Linda Ronstadt - Love has no pride
Linda Ronstadt - Silver threads and golden needles ( The Mike Douglas Show 1969)
Linda Ronstadt - Tell Him
Linda Ronstadt - The Tracks Of My Tears, Studio 1975)
Linda Ronstadt - The Tracks Of My Tears
Linda Ronstadt - When will I be loved (midnight special) z
Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved_NEW
Linda Ronstadt - You're no good
Linda Scott - I'll never find another you yt
Linda Scott - Yessiree (1962 Don't Knock the Twist) bw
LINDISFARNE - Fog On The Tyne (OGWT, 1971)
Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor (1973)
Lindisfarne - Lady Eleanor (live 1972
Lindisfarne - Meet me on the corner (1972)
Lindisfarne - Run for home (rock goes to college) zzz
Lindisfarne - Run for home (totp 6th july 1978)
Lindisfarne - Warm feeling 1978
Link Wray - Rawhide(1)
Link Wray - Trail of the lonesome pine yt
Lionel Hampton - Beulah's Boogie
Lionel Hampton - Cobb's Idea (Live Apollo Theatre)
Lionel Hampton - Flying Home yt
Lionel Hampton - Midnight Sun (Live Apollo Theatre)
Lionel Richie - Hello zzz
Lipp Service - I am a fighter (Marc Bolan show) z
Lipps Inc - Funkytown (disco) zzz
Liquid Gold - Dance yourself dizzy (totp 13 3 1980) zzz
Liquid Gold - Dance yourself dizzy (totp 25 12 1980) zzz
Liquid Gold - Substitute (totp 22 5 1980) zzz
Liquid Gold - The night the wine and the roses (totp 13 11 1980) zzz
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Going Out Of My Head (1974)
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Hurt so bad z
Little Anthony & The Imperials - I'm Alright
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Love Train (1974)
Little Anthony & The Imperials - Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind yt.mpg
Little Anthony & the Imperials - Skimmy Skimmy(1)
Little Anthony - Hurt so bad (ES) z
Little Anthony - Tears on my pillow(1)
Little Eva - Locomotion yt
Little Feet - Fat man in the bathtub
Little Feet - Oh Atlanta
Little Feet - Rock and Roll Doctor
Little Jimmy Osmond - Long haired lover from Liverpool (totp 1973) zzz
LITTLE MILTON - Walking the Back Streets and Crying (1972)
Little Milton - We're Gonna Make It yt
Little Milton - Who's Cheating Who yt
Little Pattie For No One - YouTub
Little Pattie I'll Eat My Hat - YouTub
Little Pattie - (If I'm Dreaming) Just Let Me Dream 1966 - YouTub
LITTLE RICHARD - Long Tall Sally (1956)
Little Richard - Bama Lama Bama Loo (ab 1964)
Little Richard - I'm Ready (1956 The Girl Can't Help It)
Little Richard - Long Tall Sally (1956 Don't Knock the Rock) zzz
Little Richard - Tutti Fruitti (jitterbug Jovada Ballard & Jimmy Ballard) (1956 Don't Knock the Rock)zzz
Little River Band - Emma_Countdown_1975
Little River Band - Help is on its Way_1977
Little River Band - It's a long way there z
Little river band - Reminising z
Little Stevie Wonder - Kiss Me Baby (1965)
Lively Set - Get Together yt
Liverbirds - Diddly
Liverbirds - Peanut butter
Liverbirds - Why do you hang around me
Liverpool Express - Every man must have a dream (supersonic 1977)) zzz
Liverpool Express - You are my love (totp 1976) zz
Liverpool Express – You Are My Love (totp 15 7 1976) zzz
Liza Minnelli - Losing my mind zzz
Lloyd Price - Personnality
Lloyd Price - Question(1)
Lloyd Price - Wont'cha Come Home yt
Lobo - I'd Love You To Want Me (Col.)
Lobo - I'd love you to want me (Mike Douglas show) secret zzz
Lobo - Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
Lolita - Da kam Jonny
Lolita - Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer
Lolita-Seeman (deine heimat ist das meer z
Long John Baldry & Vernon girls - Medloy (from Around the Beatles) z
Long John Baldry - Better by far yt
Long John Baldry - Got my mojo working (from Around the Beatles) z
Long John Baldry - Let The Heartache Begin (Live TOTP 1967)
Long John Baldry - Let the heartaches begin (totp)
Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group - Gambling Man (1957)
Lonnie Donegan & The Peters Sisters - Ragtime Daddy Used To Play. - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Ace in the Hole (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Ain't You Glad You've Got Religion (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Bewildered (1958)
Lonnie Donegan - Black Cat (Live 1851961) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Bury Me Beneath THe Willow (Live) 161961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Come a Cow Cow Yippee (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Cumberland Gap (1957)
Lonnie Donegan - Darlin' Corey (Live) 2551961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Does Your Chewing Gum (Putting On The Style)
Lonnie Donegan - Does your chewing gum
Lonnie Donegan - Don't Pass Me By (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Fort Worth Jail (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Frankie and Johnny (Live) 1561961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Friendship (Live) With The Mudlarks - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Gloryland and So Long it's been good to know you (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Grand Coulee Dam yt
Lonnie Donegan - Hard Travelling (Live) 1960 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Have A Drink On Me bw
Lonnie Donegan - Have a Drink on me. (Live 1851961) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - I Shall Not Be Moved (1956)
Lonnie Donegan - I Shall Not Be Moved (Live 1851961) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - I Wanna Go Home (Live) 861961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - It Takes A Worried Man (Live) 161961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Jack Of Diamonds (6-5 Special bw)
Lonnie Donegan - Jenny's Ball (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - John Hardy (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - John Hardy bw
Lonnie Donegan - Just Wearying For You (Live) 2551961. - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Leave My Woman Alone (Live) 1151961. - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Light From the Lighthouse (Live) 861961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Lively (Live) 2051961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Miss Otis Regrets (Live 1851961) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - My Laggan Love (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - My Old Man's a Dustman (Live) 161961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - My Old Man`s A Dustman 1960 bw
Lonnie Donegan - Nobody's Child - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Puttin' On The Style z
Lonnie Donegan - Puttin' On The Style
Lonnie Donegan - Putting on the Style (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Putting on the style-does your chewing gum lose its flavour
Lonnie Donegan - Ramblin' Round (Live) 161961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line (Live) 1561961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Rock O' My Soul (Live) 2051961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - San Miguel (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Seven Daffodills (Live) 1561961 - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Take this Hammer (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - The Battle of New Orleans (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - The Battle Of New Orleans [by abelbellante]
Lonnie Donegan - The Goldrush is Over (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Times are Getting Hard Boys - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Tom Dooley (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Tom Dooley yt
Lonnie Donegan - Whoa Buck (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Donegan - Wreck of the old 97 (Live) - YouTub
Lonnie Lee - I Found A New Love (1959)
Looking Glass - Brandy zzz
Lord Rockingham's XI - Rah Rah Rockingham (Oh Boy May 30 1959) bw
Lord Rockinghams X1 - Long Gone (1959) z
Lords - Poor Boy (Beat Club '66)
Loretta Lynn - I Know How (Live The Johnny Cash TV Show 1970)
Lorne Gibson Trio - Jingle Jangle en aud
Los Bravos - Black is black (french tv)
Los Bravos - Black is black
Los Bravos - Going nowhere live (french tv)
Los Bravos - Sympathy ( Orig. 60's )
Los Colombianos -La_Bamba
Los Lobos - Black is black enhance zzz
Los Lobos - Black is black zzz
Los Lobos - Labamba
Lou Christie - Cryin' In The Streets
Lou Christie - Gonna make you mine zzz
Lou Christie - Gypsy Cried Have I sinned (ab 1964)
Lou Christie - I'm gonna make you mine (promo) zzz
Lou Christie - I'm gonna make you mine are you getting any sunshine zzz
Lou Christie - Lightnin' strikes 2
Lou Christie - Rhapsody in the rain (1966)
Lou Christie - She sold me magic zzz
Lou Christie - Since I don't have you
Lou Christie - Sunshine baby (promo) zzz
Lou Gramn - Midnight Blue zzz
Lou Johnson - Always something there to remind me (ab 1964)
Lou Rawls - Cold Cold heart z
Lou Rawls - I can't make it alone (Music Scene)
Lou Rawls - Love is a hurtin thing (ES) z
Lou Rawls - You'll never find another love like mine (midnight special) z
Lou Rawls – I Can’t Make It Alone; Just Squeeze Me z
Lou Rawls – Your Good Thing (Is About to End) z
Lou Rowles - Love is a hurting thing
Louie Armstrong - C'est bon zzz
Louie Armstrong - What a wonderful world (1968) french tv
Louis Armstrong & Frank Sinatra - South gave birth to the Blues (1958)
Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife (1961)
Louis Armstrong - The Buckets Got a Hole In It (1956)
Louis Armstrong - We have all the time in the world
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (live) zzz
Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In (Ed Sullivan '59)Z
Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five - Five Guys Named Moe
LOUIS PRIMA - Buona Sera Signorina (1958)
Louis Prima - Just A Gigolo
Louis Prima - Oh Marie (1957) (opab)
Louise Cordet - Crazy Kind of Love (1963)
Louise Cordet - It's So Hard To Be Good yt
Louise Cordet - Which Way the Wind Blows (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Love - Alone Again Or 2003 Video
Love - My little red book (american bandstand) zzz
Love Affair - A Day without Love (1968)
Love Affair - Everlasting love (gogoscope 1968)
Love Affair - Gone are the Songs Of Yesterday (gogoscope 1968)
Love affair - One road (rare totps)
Love affair- Rainbow valley (1968)
Love Jones - The brighter side of darkness (soultrain) zzz
Love Sculpture - Sabre Dance (Beat-Club 1969)
LOVE UNLIMITED - Love's Theme (1975)
Love Unlimited - Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love
Lovin Spoonful - Daydream (ES) z
Lovin Spoonful - Do you believe in magic (EZ) z
Lovin Spoonful - Oh pretty what a pity (1967)
Lovin Spoonful - Shes a mystery to me (1967)
Lovin Spoonful - Summer in the city (promo) z
Lovin' Spoonful - Bald Headed Lena (Ed Sullivan '67)
Lovin' Spoonful - Darling Be Home Soon
Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream #2
Lovin' Spoonful - Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind
Lovin' Spoonful - Do you believe in magic (tnt 1966)
Lovin' Spoonful - Nashville Cats (Ed Sullivan 1967)
Lovin' Spoonful - Rain On The Roof (Hollywood Palace 1966)
Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City
Lovin' Spoonful - What A Day For A Daydream (Ed Sullivan 1967)
Lovin' Spoonful - You didn't have to be so nice (tnt 1966)
Lovin' Spoonful - You didn't have to be so nice clip2
Loving spoonful - Do you believe in magic (hollywood a gogo) zzz
Lt Pigeon - I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Shang A Lang)
LTD - Love Ballad (soultrain) zzz
Lucifer - House for sale zzz
LUCIFER'S FRIEND - Ride the sky (1971)
Lulu & David Bowie - The man who sold the world ( Promo 1974
Lulu & Everly Brothers - Walk Right Back [Lulu TV 1968 RR]
Lulu & Johnny Cash - Games people play
Lulu - Boom bang a bang (rare totps)
Lulu - Boom Bang a bang (col) z
Lulu - Boom bang a bang (encore eurovision 1969 UK)
Lulu - Boom bang a bang (eurovision 1969 UK)
Lulu - Boy Meets Girl (Seaside Special 1975) z
Lulu - Boy Meets Girl (with Bay City Rollers dancing)
Lulu - Can't hear you no more
Lulu - Can't take my eyes off you (1968)
Lulu - Everybody Clap (totp 1971) zzz
Lulu - Happy heart yt
Lulu - Here comes the night (1965)
Lulu - I saw him standing there (from TV songs of Lennon McCartney) z
Lulu - I'll come running (shindig 1965)
Lulu - I'm a Tiger
Lulu - In the morning of my life
Lulu - Keep the customer satisfied
Lulu - Leave a little love (1965)
Lulu - Love Loves To Love Love (Live TOTP 1967)
Lulu - Love to Love 1967
Lulu - Me oh my (music scene) zzz
Lulu - Morning Dew
Lulu - Mrs Robinson
Lulu - Oh me oh my #2
Lulu - Oh me oh my (Music Scene)
Lulu - Over and over
Lulu - Raised On Rock (Seaside Special 1975)
Lulu - Shout (1964)
Lulu - Shout (1966)
Lulu - Shout (col)
Lulu - Song (live at Midem, France 1968) - YouTube
Lulu - Stop fooling around - Call me (Arthur Haynes 1966)
Lulu - Suddenly You Love Me
Lulu - Take Your Mama For A Ride (totp 3 20 1975) zzz
Lulu - The boat that I row (beat club) zzz
Lulu - The boat that I row (live at Midem, France 1968) - YouTube
Lulu - The boat that I row (Lulus back in town) zzz
Lulu - The boat that I row
Lulu - The Letter
Lulu - The man who sold the world (Musikladen)
Lulu - The Man who sold the World
Lulu - The only one
Lulu - The Resurrection Shuffle (Heat Of The 70's)
Lulu - To sir with love (David Frost show 1969)
Lulu - To sir with love (ES) z
Lulu - To Sir with Love (live at Midem, France 1968) - YouTube
Lulu - To sir with love (where its at)
Lulu - Trolley Song (Lulu's Back In Town 1968) bw - 1
Lulu - What A Wonderful Feeling (1966)
Lulu - You touch me baby (French TV)
Lulu - You'll never get to heaven (lulu show 1973)
Lulu - You've got to believe in love 1971 - YouTube
Lulu – Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You, Baby) z
Luther Vandross - A house is not a home (soultrain) zzz
Luv - The greatest lover zzz
Luv - Trojan horse zzz
Luv - U O Me
Luv - You're The Greatest Lover (Disco 1978)
Luv' - Ooh, yes I do 1979
Lyn Cornell - Kisses Can Lie (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Lyn Cornell - Sweet Life (1961)
Lyndsay DePaul - No Honestly (Cooper)
LYNN ANDERSON - Rose Garden (1970)
Lynn Anderson - Cry
Lynn Anderson - Gentle On My Mind (1968)
Lynn Anderson - I've Been Everywhere yt
Lynn Anderson - If I Kiss You (LW Show 1967)
Lynn Anderson - Queen of Hearts
Lynn Anderson - Ride, ride, ride (LW show aug 5 1967) (colour)
Lynn Anderson - these boots are made for walkin'1968
Lynn Paul - I dont believe you ever loved me (freddie starr show) zzz
Lynnn Anderson - Rose Garden zzz
Lynryd Skynryd - Free Bird (old grey)
Lynsey De Paul & Mike Moran - Rock Bottom (Eurovision 1977)
Lynsey de Paul - Doctor Doctor
Lynsey de Paul - Getting a drag
Lynsey de Paul - Rhythm & Blue Jean Baby (Shang A Lang)
Lynsey De Paul - Storm In A Teacup (Two Ronnies Show)
Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me
Lynsey De Paul - Won't somebody dance with me ( Original Footage 1973
Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran - Rock_bottom Hits_a_gogo_
Lynsey De Paul- My Man And Me (HQ) - YouTub
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Free bird (1974)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - Saturday Night Special (1977)
LYNYRD SKYNYRD - That Smell (1977)
Lynyrd Skynrd - Freebird (Old Grey Whistle Test(1975
M - Pop music (totp christmas special 1979) zzz
M - Pop Muzik (Musikladen 1979)
M Pop Music (germanTV) zzz
M3 - When the partys over z
Mac & Katie Kassoon - Sugar candy kisses (from the movie Side by side)
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Big Hello (192 tv 1974)
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Big Hello 1974 - YouTub
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Don't Do it Baby (1975) - YouTub
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Freedom ( 1972 )
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Like A Butterfly (1975) z
Mac & Katie Kissoon - Sugar Candy Kisses z
Mac & Katie Kissoon - The two of us (totp 6 5 1976) zzz
Mac and Katie Kisoon - I found my freedom zzz
Mac Davies - It's Hard To Be Humble (totp clip)
Mac Davis - In the Ghetto zzz
Made in Sweden - Lady g
Made in Sweden - Sometimes
Madeline Bell - Picture me gone
Madness - (Waiting For The) Ghost Train
Madness - Baggy Trousers (Live TOTP 1980)
Madness - Bed And Breakfast Man
Madness - Cardiac Arrest
Madness - Driving In My Car
Madness - Embarrasement (totp 11 12 1980) zzz
Madness - Grey Day
Madness - House Of Fun (Live TOTP 1982)
Madness - I Pronounce You
Madness - It Must Be Love (Live The Tube 1983)
Madness - Johnny The Horse
Madness - Lovestruck
Madness - Michael Caine
Madness - My Girl
Madness - Night Boat To Cairo (whistle test 1979) zzz
Madness - Night Boat To Cairo
Madness - One Better Day
Madness - One Step Beyond
Madness - Our House
Madness - Return Of The Los Palmas 7
Madness - Shut Up
Madness - Sweetest Girl
Madness - The Prince
Madness - The Sun And The Rainfall
Madness - Tomorrow's Just Another Day
Madness - Uncle Sam
Madness - Wings Of A Dove
Madness - Yesterday's Men
Maggie MacNeal - Amsterdam (1980)
Maggie MacNeal - ooh (1979)
Maggie MacNeal - When you're gone (1976 )
Maggie MacNeal - You and I (1977)
Main Ingredient - Everybody plays the fool (soultrain) zzz
Mairaiine Faithfull - Come stay with me zz
Maisonettes - Heartache Avenue
Mal - Mighty Mighty Roly Poly zzz
Malcolm Roberts - Don't go away (Morcambe & wise show 1969) zzz
Malcolm Roberts - Happy Song ( Hits A Go Go SVCD )
Malcolm Roberts - Love Is All
Malcolm Roberts - Weekend Millionaire (hits a go go 1971)
Mama Cass Elliot - It´s getting better (1969) YouTube
Mama Cass Elliot - New World Coming (Music Scene '69)Z
Mama's & Papas - Dancing bear (1966) z
Mama's & Papas - Dancing in the streets (1966) z
Mama's & Papas - Dream a little dream (Ray Stevens show 1970) z
Mama's & Papas - Twelve Thirty (1966) z
Mamas & Papas (Mama Cass) - I can dream can't I plus interview z
Mamas & Papas (Mama Cass) - It's getting better plus interview z
Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin ( Hullabaloo 1966)
Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin'
Mamas & Papas - Creeque Alley
Mamas & Papas - Dedicated to the one I love z
Mamas & Papas - Dedicated to the one I love
Mamas & Papas - I call your name
Mamas & Papas - I saw her again last night (promo) z
Mamas & Papas - Monday Monday (ES) z
Mamas & Papas - Monday Monday California dreaning (ES) z
Mamas & Papas - Nowhere Man (Hullabaloo '66)
Mamas & Papas - Twelve Thirty
Mamas & Papas - Words Of Love (Ed Sullivan Show - 1967)
Mamas & the - Papas California Dreamin' U.S. TV 1966
Mamas & the Papas - Got A Feeling U.S. TV 1966
Mamas & The Papas - Monday Monday - I Call Your Name - California Dreaming (Ed Sullivan)
Mamas & The Papas - Twelve-Thirty
Mamas and the Papas - California Dreaming (American Bandstand 1966)
Mamas and the Papas - Dancing in the streets
Mamas And the Papas - Dedicated To the One I Love
Mamas and the Papas - I call your name
Mamas and the Papas - Monday Monday (col)
Mamas and the Papas - Straight Shooter
Mamas And The Papas - The Best of (6 Songs)
Mamas and the Papas - The right somebody to love
MANFRED MANN - Mighty Quinn (1968)
Manfred Mann - 5-4-3-2-1 (Shindig)ok
Manfred Mann - Blinded By The Light (1976)
Manfred Mann - Blinded by the light (totp 26th August 1976) zzz
Manfred Mann - Come Tomorrow (Live TOTP 1965)
Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy (Shindig 1964)
Manfred Mann - Do Wah Diddy Diddy [promo]
Manfred Mann - Fox On The Run (1968)
Manfred Mann - Fox on the run - Mighty Quinn - live (french TV).mpg
Manfred Mann - Ha Ha said the clown (french TV).mpg
Manfred Mann - Ha Ha said the Clown z
Manfred Mann - Hound Dog ok
Manfred Mann - Hubble Bubble
Manfred Mann - I Got My Mojo Workin' yt
MANFRED MANN - If You Gotta Go, Go Now (1965) - YouTub
Manfred Mann - Just Like A Woman
Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn (Color promo
Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn (totp 1968) zzz
Manfred Mann - My Name Is Jack (Live TOTP 1968)
Manfred Mann - My name is Jack (totp)
Manfred Mann - Older than before ok
Manfred Mann - Ragamuffin Man (promo) zzz
Manfred Mann - Semi-Detached Suburban Mr Jones yt
Manfred Mann - Sha La La (Shindig 1964)
Manfred Mann - So long dad (french TV).mpg
Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn (1968 - Color)
Manfred Mann - The Mighty Quinn (1968, Beat Club) ok
Manfred Mann - The Nitty Gritty ok
Manfred Mann - Up the Junction ( Orig. outdoor b&w SVCD )
Manfred Mann - Watermelon Man ok
Manfred Mann - You angel you zzz
Manfred Mann - You don't know me
Manfred Mann Earthband - Joybringer (totp 1973) zzz
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Buddha (1974
Manfred Mann'S Earth Band - Runner
Manfred Mann's Earthband - Davys on the road again (1978)
Manfred Manns Earthband - Blinded by the light z
Manfred Manns Earthband - Davys on the road again
Manfred Manns Earthband - Dont kill it Carol
Manhattan Transfer - Boy From New York City (Live)
Manhattan Transfer - Chanson d' Amour (Live, 'UK GOLD' TV show) - 1
Manhattan Transfer - Chanson D'amour (Two Ronnies Show)(3)
Manhattan Transfer - Chason d amour (Whistle tes) ytt(
Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone (video 1979) #
Manhattans - Hurt (Top Of The Pops 1976)
Manhattans - The Picture Became Quite Clear (1969
Manhatten Transfer - On a little street in Singapore (totp 04 05 1978) z
Manhatten Transfer - Walk in love (two Ronnies show)
Manhattens - Hurt (totp 1976) yt
Mankind - Theme From Doctor Who totp
Marbles - Only one woman (1967)
Marbles - Only one Woman
Marbles - The walls came down zzz
Marc Almond - The Days Of Pearly Spencer
Marc Almond with Gene Pitney - Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Marcels - Merry Twistmas (not jerky version) (1961 Twist Around the Clock) bw
Marcia Hines - You_Countdown_1977
Margaret Whiting - Alone Together yt
Margaret Whiting - It Might As Well Be Spring yt
Maria Callas - Carmen Habanera yt
Maria Muldaur - Midnight at the Oasis zzz
Marianne Faithful - As tears go by (shindig 1965) zzz
Marianne Faithful - Broken English (Directed By Derek Jarman)
Marianne Faithful - Come and stay with me (french TV)
Marianne Faithful - Downtown bw z
Marianne Faithful - Dreaming my Dreams ( Supersonic SVCD )
Marianne Faithful - Guilt z
Marianne Faithful - Once I had a Sweetheart z
Marianne Faithful - Paris bells yt
Marianne Faithful - Sally free and easy (French TV)
Marianne Faithful - There But For Fortune (Shindig)
Marianne Faithful - Yesterday (from TV songs of Lennon McCartney) z
Marianne Faithfull & David Bowie - I Got You Babe
Marianne Faithfull - In My Time of Sorrow yt
Marianne Faithfull - 20th Century Blues (Live Marquee Club 1973)
Marianne Faithfull - All I wanna do in life ( Original Dutch Promo 1977
Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (1966)
Marianne Faithfull - As tears go by (Hullabaloo '65)
Marianne Faithfull - As Tears Go By (Live Marquee Club 1973)
Marianne Faithfull - Ballad of Lucy Jordon
Marianne Faithfull - Broken English [Original 1980 TV Recording]
Marianne Faithfull - Come And Stay With Me (1966)
Marianne Faithfull - Come and stay with me (shindig)
Marianne Faithfull - Dreaming my Dreams (supersonic 1975) zzz
Marianne Faithfull - Hier ou demain
Marianne Faithfull - I got you babe (live Marquee 1973) zzz
Marianne Faithfull - I20th century blues (live Marquee 1973) zzz.mpg
Marianne Faithfull - Intrigue
Marianne Faithfull - Mary Ann
Marianne Faithfull - My Time Of Sorrow yt
Marianne Faithfull - Nuits d'été (Summer nights) French TV.
Marianne Faithfull - Paris Bells (1966)
Marianne Faithfull - Running For Our Lives
Marianne Faithfull - Running For Our Lives1_NEW
Marianne Faithfull - Sally Free and Easy - French TV
Marianne Faithfull - Sex With Strangers
Marianne Faithfull - Si Demain yt
Marianne Faithfull - Something better
Marianne Faithfull - Summer nights zzz
Marianne Faithfull - Sweetheart ( Music Box )
Marianne Faithfull - The ballad of Lucy Jordan
Marianne Faithfull - This little bird (1965)
Marianne Faithfull - Tomorrow's Calling yt
Marianne Faithfull - What have they done to the rain-As tears go by (shindig)
Marianne Faithfull - Working class hero
Marianne Faithfull - Yesterday - French TV.
Marianne Faithfull - Yesterday - Summer nights (french) 1965
Marianne Faithfull au festival des vieilles charrues 2002
Marianne Faithfull-Come And Stay With Me yt
Marie Myriam - L'Oiseau Et L'Enfant (France, 1977)
Marie Osmond - Blue Christmas (D&M 1976)
Marie Osmond - I'll Take You Back
Marie Osmond - It's the Falling in Love
Marie Osmond - Paper Roses ( Musikladen1973)
Marie Osmond - Paper Roses (Donny & Marie Show 1976)
Marie Osmond - Paper Roses (totp 1973) zzz
Marie Osmond - Read my lips
Marie-Helene - Truddie
MARILYN MONROE - River of No Return (1954)
Marina - I go to sleep
Mark Denning - Teen Angel zzz
Mark Dinning - Teen angel(1)
Mark Wynter - Here Today (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Mark Wynter - Love Hurts Y
Mark Wynter and Cherry Roland - Just For Fun (1963 Just For Fun) bw
Marmalade - Baby Make It Soon (Beat Club 8-2-1969)
Marmalade - Baby make it soon (promo) zzz
Marmalade - Cousin Norman zzz
Marmalade - Dean Ford - Hey my love (supersonic oct 1975) zzz
Marmalade - Dear John - Julie Felix Show 1970
Marmalade - Falling Apart At The Seams (rare tops 25 03 76)
Marmalade - Falling apart at the seams (rare totps)
Marmalade - I see the rain zzz
Marmalade - Life is z
Marmalade - Lovin' things
Marmalade - Man in a shop ( Rare Original Footage 1968 )
Marmalade - My Little One - 1971 PROMO - RARE FOOTAGE - YouTub
Marmalade - Ob La Di Ob La Da (Supersonic)
Marmalade - Ob-la-di Ob-la-da (Beat Club)
Marmalade - Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Promo film
Marmalade - Radancer (KTV Promo) (VV Stereo)
Marmalade - Rainbow (bw) zzz
Marmalade - Rainbow - introduced by Lulu & Mamma Cass Elliot - 1970
MARMALADE - Reflections of My Life (1970)
Marmalade - Reflections of my life (live) (french TV)
Marmalade - Reflections of my life zzz
Marmalade - Sarah My Sarah
Marmalade - Scarborough Fair z
Marmalade - Sound of Silence z
Marmalade - Sweet Judy blue eyes z
Marmalade - Up on Cripple Creek z
Marmalade - Walking A Tightrope (totp, 20th May '76)
Marmalade - Your the only light still shining (supersonic 1977) zzz
Marmelade - Baby make it soon ( Orig. outdoor b&w not Beat Club SVCD )
Marsha Hunt - Keep the Customer Satisfied
MARSHALL HAIN - Dancing in the city (1978)
Marshall Hain - Dancing in the city (totp 1978) zzz
Marshall Tucker Band - Can't You See yt
Marshall, Hain - Dancing In The City (Promo)
Martha & The Vandellas Jimmy Mack on Shebang! U.S. TV 1967_720x480
Martha & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street (1964)
Martha & the Vandellas - Dancing in the street (ready steady go) zzz
Martha & The Vandellas - Nowhere To Run (1965)
Martha And The Muffins - Echo Beach
Martha and the Vandellas - Dancing in the street (soultrain) zzz.mpg
MARTHA RAYE - Mama, That Moon is Here Again (1938)
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street (1965)
Marti Webb - Ben (That's Life)
Marti Webb - Take that look off your face (totp 25 12 1980) zzz
Marti Webb - Take that look off your Face 1980 - YouTub(1)
Marti Webb - Tell me on a sunday (1979)
Marty Robbins - A white Sport Coat (Town Hall Party 59')
Marty Robbins - Devil Woman (1962) (Col.)
Marty Robbins - El Paso (1959) z
Marty Wilde - A Teenager In Love yt
Marty Wilde - Abergavenny zzz
Marty Wilde - All American Boy (1959)
Marty Wilde - Money (thats what I want) (Arthur Haynes show 1964)
Marty Wilde - Teenager in love (1959)
Marv Johnson - I love the way you love (Aus bandstand)
Marv Johnson - I'll pick up a Rose for my Rose ( Beat Club b&w SVCD )
Marv Johnson - I'm Coming Home yt
Marva Whitney - Things Got To Get Better (Music Scene)
Marvelettes - Don't Mess With Bill (Hullabaloo '66)
Marvelettes - Don't mess with Bill (swinging time 1966)
Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (incomplete 60s)Z
Marvin & Tammi (New Mix) Ain't No Mountain High Enough yt
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't No Mountain High Enough yt
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - Ain't no mountain high enough (1967) zzz.mpg
Marvin Gaye - Ain't that peculiar (1965) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Ain't That Peculiar (Live from the Bitter End) 1965
Marvin Gaye - Can I Get A Witness (Ready, Steady, Go)
Marvin Gaye - Distant lover (1979) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Got to give it up (soultrain) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Hitch Hike (1964) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Hitch Hike 1963
Marvin Gaye - Hitch Hike z
Marvin Gaye - How Sweet It Is (Shindig '65)
Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the grapevine (1969) zzz
Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the grapevine ytl
Marvin Gaye - Pretty little baby (1965) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Pride and Joy (1965) zzz
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
Marvin Gaye - Stubborn kind of fellow z
Marvin Gaye - Take This Heart Of Mine (Ed Sullivan Show '66)
Marvin Gaye - Whats going on (1972) zzz
Marvin Gaye - You're a wonderful one (1965) zzz
Marvin Gaye - You're A Wonderful One yt
Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terill - Ain't no mountain high enough #2
Marvin Rainwater - Whole lotta woman (palladium 1958) zzz
Mary - Hopkin - Going down to Jefferson
MARY HOPKIN - Those Were The Days (1968) (third version)
MARY HOPKIN - Turn Turn Turn (1968)
Mary Hopkin - For All My Days (1971)
Mary Hopkin - Going down to Jefferson
Mary Hopkin - Goodbye (1969)
Mary Hopkin - Goodbye (rare promo)
Mary Hopkin - In my life (Music Scene)
Mary Hopkin - In the Morning (Ed Sullivan show)
Mary Hopkin - International
Mary Hopkin - Knock Knock who's there (UK 1970)
Mary Hopkin - Lontano Dagli Occhi (San Remo 1969)
Mary Hopkin - plaisir d'amour (live in France, 1969) - YouTube
Mary Hopkin - Puppy song (live in France, 1969) - YouTube
Mary Hopkin - Temma Harbour (totp 1970) zzz
Mary Hopkin - Temma Hopkin (totp2) z
Mary Hopkin - There's got to be more
Mary Hopkin - Theres no business like show business (music scene) zzz
Mary Hopkin - Those were the days (french TV)
Mary Hopkin - Those were the days (Oppertunity knocks performance col)
Mary Hopkin - Those were the days (promo)
Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days (Tom Jones Show)
Mary Hopkin - Turn Turn Turn (1968)
Mary Hopkin - Turn Turn Turn (oppertunity knocks winners show 1968) zzz
MARY HOPKINS - Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) (1970)
Mary Hopkins - In My Life
Mary Hopkins - There's No Business Like Show Business
Mary MacGreggor - Torn between two lovers (totp 1977
Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers
Mary Mason - Angel of the morning - Any way that you want me (totp oct 1977)
Mary Roos - Nur Die Liebe Laesst Uns Leben [Eurovision Germany 1972 - Disco]
Mary Travers - And when I die yt
Mary Wells - Me Without You yt (2)
Mary Wells - Me Without You yt
Mary Wells - My Guy (Murray show 65)_NEW
Mary Wells - My Guy (Shindig 1965)
Mary Wells - Never, Never Leave Me yt
Mary Wells - Two lovers history
Mary Wells - Use Your Head yt
Mary Wynter & Cherry Rowland - Just for fun zzz
Mary Wynter - Love hurts I'm happy with you zzz
Mary Wynter - Vote for me zzz
Mascots - A sad boy zzz
Mason Williams - Classical Gas yt
Mason Williams - Classical Gas
Massiel - La, la, la Spain, 1968
Matchbox - 24 Hours - video - 1_NEW
Matchbox - Buzz Buzz A Diddle It (Musikladen '80)
Matchbox - Midnite Dynamos (totp 1980) zzz
Matchbox - Over The Rainbow (totp, 11th Dec '80)
Matchbox - Rockabilly Rebel (corrected audio)
Matchbox - When You Ask About Love (Musikladen)(1)
Matchbox - When you ask about love (totp 1980) zzz
Matchbox – Over The Rainbow (totp 11 12 1980) zzz
Matt Monro - I left my heart in San Francisco
Matt Monro - Alguien cantó
Matt Monro - All Of A Sudden
Matt Monro - Born Free (video)s - 1
Matt Monro - Curiouser And Curiouser z
Matt Monro - From Russia With Love - 1
Matt Monro - Georgy Girl
Matt Monro - Mama (pop gear) z
Matt Monro - My Kind of girl - 1
Matt Monro - Pop Gear (pop gear) z
Matt Monro - Portait Of My Love - 1
Matt Monro - Softley As I Leave You - 1
Matt Monro - Thanks To The Lord z
Matt Monro - The impossible dream1
Matt Monro - The Man With The Golden Voice
Matt Monro - The Man With The Golden Voice
Matt Monro - Three Coins in the Fountain z
Matt Monro - Todo pasará
Matt Monro - Walk away (live 1967) zzz
Matt Monro - Walk away (pop gear) z
Matt Monro - Walk Away (promo) z
Matt Monro - Walk away (shindig) zzz
Matt Monro - Walk Away_NEW
Matt Monro - What to do - 1
Matt Monro - Yesterday - 1
Maureen Evans - The big hurt yt
Maurice Gibb -Railroad RARE - YouTub
Maxi - Do I dream (eurovision 1973)
Maxine Knightingale - Get right Back Where We Started From
Maxine Nightingale - Lead Me On (American Bandstand July 28 1979)
Maxine Nightingale - Right back where we started from ( 1976)
McCoys - Fever (Hullabaloo 1966)
McCoys - Hang On Sloopy (Hullabaloo)
McCoys - I can't explain it (hollywood a gogo) zzz
McCoys - Jesse Brady zzz
McGuinness Flint - Malt & Barley Blues (totp 1971) zzz
McGuire Sisters - Pennies from Heaven
McGuire Sisters - Sincerely yt
McGuire Sisters - Sugar time yt
McKinleys - Sweet and tender romance z
Mcoys - Hang on sloopy (american bandstand) zzz
Meat Loaf - Dead Ringer For Love
Meat Loaf - Two out of three ain't bad (1978)
Meatloaf & Cher - Dead ringer for love zzz
Meatloaf - Bat out of hell zzz
Meatloaf - Paradise by the dashboard light zzz
Medicine Head - (And The) Pictures In The Sky (hits a go go 1971)
Medicine Head - (and the) pictures in the sky (totp 1971) zzz
Medicine head - How does it feel zzz
Medicine Head - One and one is one ( Original Foiotage German Disco 1973
Medicine Head - Rising sun
Mel Carter - The richest man alive (ab 1964)
Mel Carter - The richest person alive ( Hollywood A Go Go
Mel Carter - When a boy falls in lovel (ab 1964)
Mel Carter- Hold me, thrill me kiss me ( Hollywood A Go Go
MELANIE - What Have They Done To My Song, Ma (1971)
Melanie & The Edward Hawkins Singers - Lay Down zzz
Melanie - In the hour (french TV)
Melanie - Lay Down Candles (1970 Now explosion)
Melanie - Look what they done to my song Ma (1973) dc
Melanie - Oh boy -( 1978 )
Melanie - Peace will come (according to the plan) (1973) dc
Melanie - Ruby Tuesday yy
Melanie - Together Alone (1973) dc
Melanie - What have they done to our song Ma (supersonic) zzz
Melanie - Will you still love me tomorow (1974)
Melanie Safka - Animal Crackers
Melanie Safka - Beautiful People
Melanie Safka - Birthday Of The Sun - Woodstock '69 [pm-vcd]
Melanie Safka - Brand New Key
Melanie Safka - Chords Of Fame (Montreux Jazz Festival 1971)
Melanie Safka - God's Only Daughter - (Live Greenwich Village '68)Z
Melanie Safka - Goodbye, ruby Tuesday
Melanie Safka - I find it hard to hold on me
Melanie Safka - Look What They've Done To My Song Ma
Melanie safka - Penny Evans Peace will come
Melanie Safka - You're not a bad ghost, bad song
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975..Pt1..What have they done to my song,Ma
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt2..You're not a bad ghost,old song
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt4..Here We Go Again
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt5..Beautiful People
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt6..Penny Adams..Peace Will Come
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt8..Sun and the Moon
MELANIE SAFKA..CONCERT1975.Pt9..I'm Back In Town
Melinda Marks - Is this what I get for loving you (shindig) zzz
Melinda Marx - Catch The Wind yt
Melinda Marx - How I Wish You Came yt
Melinda Marx - Same old way_NEW
Melissa Etheridge - So This Is Christmas (Happy Xmas)
Melissa Manchester - Don't Cry Out Loud (1979)
Melissa Manchester performs Midnight Blue on The Wolfman Jack Show U.S. TV 1976.
Mello Kings - Tonite Tonite yt
Members - Sound of the suburbs ( totp 02 22 1979) z
MEN AT WORK - Down Under (1981)
Men At Work - Dr Heckyll And Mr Jive
Men At Work - It's A Mistake
Men At Work - Maria
dvd 1 Men At Work - Overkill
Men at Work-Downunder
Men Without hats - Hey Men
Men Without Hats - I Like
Men Without Hats - Moonbeam
Men Without Hats - National 7
Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Long Version)
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Official Video)
Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
Men Without Hats - Where Do The Boys Go
Men Without Hats-The Safety Dance(dvd-2nafish)
Mercy - Love can make you happy (1969)
Merle Kilgore - Five Card Stud
Merrilee Rush - San Francisco yt
Merry-Go-Round - Listen Listen yt
Merseybeats & Dusty Springfield - Wishin' and hopin'
Merseybeats - Don't turn around (nme 1964) zzz
Merseybeats - Don´t Turn Around
Merseybeats - Fools like me
Merseybeats - Gonna sit right down and cry over you (nme 1964) zzz
Merseybeats - I think of you (nme 1964) zzz
Merseybeats - I think of you
Merseybeats - Last night (1964)
Merseybeats - Milkman
Meteors - Rawhide - Promo Video (RARE)
Michael Holliday - Stairway Of Love 1958
Michael Holliday - Starry Eyed yt
Michael Jackson - Ben (1972)
Michael Jackson - Don't stop till you get enough (totp 1979) zzz.mpg
Michael Jackson - Thriller yt
Michael Murphy - Wildfire yt
Michael Zager Band - Let's all chant
Micheal Blessings (Nesmith) - Until its time for you to go zzz
Micheal Jackson - She's out of my life (totp 1980) zzz
Micheal Murphy - Wildfire yt
Michel Polnareff - Love me please love me
Michelle Phillips - No love today zzz
Mick Jagger & Peter Tosh - Don't look back (1978)
Mickey & Sylvia - Love is strange z
Mickey & Sylvia - Love is strange zzz
Mickey and Griff w Lonnie Donegan - Rockin Chair bw
Mickey Lee Lane - Ooh Ooh (ab 1964)
Mickey Lee Lane - Shaggy Dog (ab 1964
MIDDLE OF THE ROAD - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (1971)
MIDDLE OF THE ROAD - Sacramento (1972)
MIDDLE OF THE ROAD - Soley , Soley (1971)
MIDDLE OF THE ROAD - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (1971)
Middle of the Road - Bonjour, Ça va 1974
Middle Of The Road - Bottoms up ( Original Footage German Disco
Middle Of The Road - Bottoms up ( Very Rare Sunny Promo Film 1972 )
Middle of the Road - Bottoms´ Up
Middle of the Road - Chirpy chirpy cheap cheap (totp 1971) zzz
Middle of the road - Everybody Loves The Winner
Middle of the Road - Merry Xmas everybody(1)
Middle Of The Road - On this land ( Rare Original Footage Probably French TV 1972 )
Middle Of The Road - Samson & Delilah
Middle of the Road - Samson and Delilah 1972(1)
Middle Of The Road - Soley soley ( 1971 )
Middle of the Road - The Talk Of All The USA
Middle of the Road - The Talk Of The U S A (Disco 1972)
Middle Of The Road - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum (UNICEF Gala 1971)
Middle Of The Road - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum
Middle Of The Road - Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum.enhanced zzzi
Middle Of The Road - Yellow Boomerang (1973)
Middles of the Road - Sscramento zzz
Mighty Hannibal - Jerkin' The Dog yt
Mighty Sparrow & Byron Lee - Only a Fool zzz
Migil 5 - Mockingbird Hill
Miguel Rios - Song of joy (hits a go go 1970)
Mike & The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle zzz
Mike & The Mechanics - The Living Years (Live Prince's Trust 1989)
Mike Batt & The New Edition - Summertime City (Seaside Special 1975)
Mike Batt - Love makes you crazy (Orginal Musikladen) (PG)
Mike Batt - Summertime city (totp sept 1975) zzz
Mike Batt - Summertime City (totp, 4th Sept '75)
Mike Berry - Sunshine of your smile (totp 1 4 1980) zzz
Mike Clifford - Close to Cathy (ab 1964)
Mike Clifford - Don't make her cry (ab 1964)
Mike Kennedy - Louisiana (Hits A Go Go 1971)
Mike Oldfield - Guilty
Mike Oldfield - In Dulci Jubilo
Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow
Mike Oldfield - Pictures In The Dark
Mike Oldfield - Portsmouth
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (original OGWT
Mike Oldfield - William Tell Overture
Mike Oldfield - Wonderful Land
Mike Preston - Dirty Old Town (1959) z
Mike Reid - The Ugly Duckling (totp 3 20 1975) zzz
Mike Sarne - Indubitably Me
Mike Sarne - Love Me Please
Mike Zager band - Lets all chant yt
Miller Anderson - Bright City (hits a go go 1972)
Millie - My Boy Lollipop (Disco 1973) z
Millie - My Boy LollipopTom Hark (from Around the Beatles) z
Millie - Oh Henry (UK Swings)
Millie - since you've been gone yt
Millie Small - My boy lillipop z
Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop (1964)
MILLS BROTHER - Tiger Rag (1932)
MILLS BROTHER - Swing It, Sister (1934)
MILLS BROTHERS - Cielito Lindo (1943)
Mills Brothers - I believe in Santa Claus (the nat king cole show1957) zzz
Mills Brothers - Paper Doll yt
Mills Brothers - You Always Hurt The One You Love 1942 (bw) - 1
Mindbenders - Don't cry no more yt
Mindbenders - Midnight hour yt
Mindbenders -Groovy kind of love yt
MINK DEVILLE - Spanish stroll (1977)
MINNIE RIPERTON - Lovin' you (1975)
Miquel Brow n- First time around (supersonic 1977)) zzz
Miracles - Night Life (rare tops 25 03 76)
Miracles - Tears of a clown zzz
Mireille Mathieu & boy - Stille Nacht
Mireille Mathieu & Chantel Goya - Quand on a des sous
Mireille Mathieu & Petula Clark - C'Est Si Bon
Mireille Mathieu ( C'est ton Nom ) 1966
Mireille Mathieu - Je ne suis rien toi (19670
Mireille Mathieu - Acropolis Adieu(Video)
Mireille Mathieu - All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings - YouTube
Mireille Mathieu - Corsica yt
Mireille Mathieu - Est-ce que tu m'aimeras (1966)
Mireille Mathieu - Hit-Medley (Hitparade)
Mireille Mathieu - La ballade des gens heureux
Mireille Mathieu - La derniere valse (the last waltz) yt
Mireille Mathieu - La Marseillaise - Legendado
Mireille Mathieu - La Paloma
Mireille Mathieu - Meine Welt Ist Die Musik 1970
Mireille Mathieu - Mon credo yt
Mireille Mathieu - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - (Allemand) - Live Show TV
Mireille Mathieu - Pardonne moi ce caprice d'enfant (1970)
Mireille Mathieu - Qu'elle Est Belle ('66)Z
Mireille Mathieu - Quand Tu Reviens 1968 clip
Mireille Mathieu - Scusami se yt
Mireille Mathieu - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Mireille Mathieu Les yeux d'amour yt
Mirelle Mathier - Quand yt
Mississippi John Hurt - Goodnight Irene yt
Mitch Miller - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - YouTub
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels - C.C. Rider (Hullabaloo 1966)
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take A Ride yt
Mitch Ryder - Jenny Take a ride z
Mitch Ryder - What Now My Love yt
Mixtures - Pushbike song (rare totps 25 02 71)
Mixtures - The Pushbike Song (color) ( Hits A Go Go SVCD )
Mocedades - Eres Tú Spain1973
Mocedades - Eres Tú
Modern English - I Melt With You CAM
Modern Lovers - New England (totp)
Mojos - Nobody But Me & Everything's Alright
Molly Bee - Johnny Liar
Molly Bee - johnny_liar
Moments - Girls (logo edit)
Moments - Girls (totp 3 20 1975) zzz
Moments - Girls (totp)
Monaco - What Do You Want From Me
Monarchs Look Homeward Angel yt
Monica & the voices of freedom - Emoty words(1971
Monkees # Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
Monkees - (I'm Not) Your Steppin' Stone
Monkees - A door into Summer
Monkees - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Monkees - All of your toys
Monkees - All the kings horses
Monkees - Apples peaches bananas & pears
Monkees - As we go along
Monkees - Auntie Grizelda ('67)Z
Monkees - Circle Sky
Monkees - Cuddly Toy
Monkees - Daddy's
Monkees - Daily Nightly
Monkees - Daydream Believer (2x05 & 2x11) 1967
Monkees - Don't call on me
Monkees - Girl that I Knew Somewhere
Monkees - Goin' Down
Monkees - I Wanna Be Free (harp) (2x20) 1968
Monkees - I Wanna Be Free (pilot version) 1966
Monkees - I'll be back up on my feet
Monkees - I'm A Believer
Monkees - I'm gonna buy me a dog
Monkees - I'm not your steppin' stone
Monkees - Last Train to Clarksville (1967)
Monkees - Laugh
Monkees - Lets dance on
Monkees - Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
Monkees - Love is only Sleeping
Monkees - Mary Mary
Monkees - Medley live (1x32) 1967
Monkees - No time
Monkees - Papa Jean's blues
Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday (en aud) zzz
Monkees - Randy Scouse Git
Monkees - Riu Chiu (Christmas)
Monkees - Salesman
Monkees - Saturdays child
Monkees - Shades Of Grey
Monkees - She Hangs Out
Monkees - She
Monkees - Sometime in the Morning
Monkees - Star Collector
Monkees - Sunny Girlfriend
Monkees - Sweet young thing
Monkees - Take a giant step
Monkees - Teardrop City
MONKEES - That was then, This is now yt
Monkees - The girl I knew somewhere
Monkees - The kind of girl I could love
Monkees - The last train to Clarksville
Monkees - The Porpoise song
Monkees - Theme from Monkees
Monkees - Theme
Monkees - This just dosen't seem to be my day
Monkees - Through the looking glass
Monkees - Tomorrows gonna be another day
Monkees - Valleri
Monkees - What Am I Doin' Hangin' Round
Monkees - Words
Monkees - You can dig it
Monkees - You just may be the one
Monkees - Your Auntie Grizelda
Monkees - Zor & Zam
Monks - Nice legs shame about the face zzz
Monotones - Book of love (beach nut) private z
Mony mony - Tommy James
Moody Blues (John Lodge) - say you love me (supersonic 1977) zzz
Moody Blues - Are you sitting Comfortably(live 1970)
Moody Blues - Blue World
Moody blues - Bo Diddly (nme)
Moody Blues - Bye Bye Bird (Beat Club 1966)
Moody Blues - Bye Bye Bird (French TV
Moody Blues - Can't nobody love you baby (1965)
Moody Blues - Candle of life (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Don't you feel small (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Dr Livingstone I presume z
Moody Blues - Driftwood (Kenny Everett show)
Moody Blues - Driftwood (promo)
Moody Blues - Driftwood
Moody Blues - English sunset
Moody Blues - Gemeni Dream(1981)
Moody Blues - Go now (1964)
Moody blues - Go Now (nme)
Moody Blues - Go now (promo) zzz
Moody Blues - Gypsy (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Had to fall in love (promo)
Moody Blues - Had to fall in Love 1978
Moody Blues - I know you're out there somewhere
Moody Blues - I Really Haven't Got The Time (Beat Club '66)
Moody Blues - I'll go crazy bye bye bird zzz
Moody Blues - I'm just a singer in a rock and roll band ( Rare Original Unknown Footage 1973 )
Moody Blues - Isnt Life Strange yt
Moody Blues - Just a singer in a rock and roll band zzz
Moody Blues - Lazy Day (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Legend of a mind ( Orig. Footage Tienerklanken 30-07-1968 zzz
Moody Blues - Lose Your Money.
Moody Blues - Lovely To See You Again (Howard Stern Show 8-4-90)
Moody Blues - Never Comes The Day (1969 Dutch Tv Show)
MOODY BLUES - Nights In White Satin (1970)
MOODY BLUES - Nights in White Satin (1967)
Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin (Beat Club 1967)
Moody Blues - Nights in white satin (col stairs promo) zzz
Moody Blues - Nights in white satin (colour french tv)
Moody Blues - Nights in White Satin z
Moody Blues - Question (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Question (Lulu Show)
Moody Blues - Really Haven't Got The Time
Moody Blues - Ride my See-saw (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Sitting at the wheel (promo)
Moody Blues - Steppin' in a slide zone (promo)
Moody Blues - The Voice (1978)
Moody Blues - The Voice (promo)
Moody Blues - Tuesday afternoon ( Live Footage Jazz Bilzen 30-07-1968
Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (live 1970)
Moody Blues - Tuesday afternoon (rare promo)
Moody Blues - Voices in the sky (colour me pop) zzz
Moody Blues - You make me feel alright
Moody Blues - You're wildest dreams
Moody Blues -Talking out of turn
Moonglows - Dont Be Afraid To Love Me yt
Morris Albert - Feelings yt
Motors - Airport (German TV - Hits Of The 70s)
Motors - forget about you (totp 1978) zzz
Mott the Hoople - All the way from menphis (Don Kirshnar) zzz
Mott The Hoople - All the young dudes ( 1973 )
MOTT THE HOOPLE - All The Young Dudes (1972)
MOTT THE HOOPLE - All The Young Dudes
Mott the hoople - Golden age of rock 'n' roll
Mott the Hoople - Roll away the stone (totp 1973) zzz
Mott The Hoople - Roll Away The Stone - SVCD
Mott The Hoople(Ian Hunter)- Once Bitten Twice Shy
Mott The Hoople- Storm(Video)
MOUTH & MACNEAL - I See A Star (1974)
MOUTH & MacNEAL - Hello-A (1972)
MOUTH & MACNEAL - How Do You Do (1972)
Mouth & MacNeal - How do you do (1972)
Mouth & MacNeal - I see a Star (1974)
Mouth & Macneal - I see a star (enhanced)
Mouth & Macneal - I see a star
Mouth & MacNeal - You-Kou-La-Le-Loupi (1972)
Mouth & Mcneal - How Do You Do (Disco)
Mouth & McNeal - How do you do zzz
Mouth & McNeal - I see a star (1974 eurovision)
Mouth & McNeal- Hello-A (enhanced)
Mouth & McNeal- Hello-A(Video)
Move - Beautiful Daughter (Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - Beautiful Daughter
Move - Blackberry Way (Beat Club)
Move - Blackberry Way (Live Color Me Pop 1968)
Move - Blackberry Way (Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - Brontasaurus
Move - California Man (rare totps 22 06 72)
Move - Curly (beat club '69)
Move - Disturbance (on Italian TV 1967
Move - Down on the Bay (Beat Club November 1971)
Move - Fire Brigade (1968 totp) zzz
Move - Fire Brigade (Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - Fire Brigade (totp 1968) zzz
Move - Flowers in the rain rare promo ) zzz
Move - Goin' Back
Move - Going Back (Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - I can hear the grass grow (beat beat beat ) zzz
Move - I can hear the grass grow Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - Night of fear (beat beat beat ) zzz
Move - Rock Masters (1968 6 live colour performances)
Move - The last thing on my mindc(Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Move - Tonight zzz
Move - Walk upon the water (beat beat beat ) zzz
Move - When Alice Comes Back To The Farm (Beat Club December 1970)(1)
Move - Wild Tiger woman (Rock Masters 1968 ) zzz
Mr Acker Bilk, his Clarinet & Strings - Aria (totp 26th August 1976) zzz
Mr Big - Romeo (supersonic 1977)) zzz
Mr Big - Romeo zzz
Mr Big - Romer (audio encode watermark)
Mr Big - To Be With You
Mud - Beating around the Bush
Mud - Crazy
Mud - Cut across shorty (totp 30th march 1978) zzz
Mud - Cut Across Shorty (totp, 30th March '78)_NEW
Mud - Dynamite (1973)
Mud - Dynamite (from never too young to rock) zzz
Mud - Dynamite (Toppop) yt
Mud - Hypnosis (oldies videos)
Mud - Just try a little Tenderness ( Marc TV Show SVCD )
Mud - L-L-Lucy (Supersonic oct 1975) zzz
Mud - L.L.L. lucy
Mud - Lean On Me
Mud - Lonely this Christmas (totp 1974) zz
Mud - Lonely this Christmas (totp 1975) zzz
Mud - Lonely this christmas (totps)
Mud - Moonshine Sally ( Very Rare Original Footage Dutch TV 1975
Mud - Nite on the tiles (1976)
Mud - Nite On The Tiles (toppop)
Mud - Oh Boy. (totp 23 12 1975) zzz
Mud - Rocket (disco) zzz
Mud - Rocket (from never too young to rock) zzz
Mud - Rocket (totp 1974) zzz
Mud - Secrets that you keep (dutch TV 1975)
Mud - Secrets you keep
Mud - Shake it down (totp 1976) zz
Mud - Shake it down (totp 6 5 1976) zzz
Mud - Shake it down (Totp)
Mud - Show me your a Woman ( Supersonic SVCD )
Mud - Slow talking boy (1977)
Mud - Spread a little tenderness (Marc Bolan show) z
Mud - The Cat Crept in (Disco, 1974)(1)
Mud - The cat crept in (totp 1974) zzz
Mud - The End of the world (1974)
Mud - Tiger Feet (1974)
Mud - Tiger Feet (totp 1974) zzz
Mud-Beating round the Bush (supersonic) zzz
Mud-Lean on me (supersonic) zzz
Muddy Waters - Hoochie coochie man (1960
MUNGO JERRY - In The Summertime (1970) z
Mungo Jerry - Alright alright alright (rare totps)
Mungo Jerry - Baby Jump
MUNGO JERRY - In the Summertime (1970)
Mungo Jerry - In the summertime (promo) zzz
Mungo Jerry - Lady Rose
Mungo Jerry - Long legged woman dressed in black (Original Musikladen)
Mungo Jerry - Long legged woman dressed in black (totp 1974) zzz
Mungo Jerry - Mighty Man (Heat Of The 70's)
Mungo Jerry - Open up ( Promo 1972 )
Mungo Jerry - You Don't Have To Be In The Army
Mungo Jerry Long legged woman dressed in black yt
Murray Head - Jesus Christ Superstar (1969) z
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok (1980)
Murray Head - Someones knocking my dreamboat (totp 1976) zz
Music Scene Singers - Sugar, Sugar yt
Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie